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InPursuit is a social impact, writing, editing and training firm focused on helping individuals and organizations use storytelling to amplify their impact.

InPursuit of Impact

At InPursuit, we offer a wide variety of writing and editing services as well as face to face and virtual workshops on topics such as human centered leadership and writing for professional growth. Customized workshops are also available.  

No boring lectures here. We provide a highly interactive workshop experience, keeping the audience engaged throughout.

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What are you InPursuit of?

Writing & Editing Services

Whether your organization has a specific project or just needs extra manpower in their communications department, InPursuit offers a wide variety of writing and editing services to accentuate your organization’s messaging.

Group Workshops

Professional workforce development has a robust return on investment that includes better retention rates, higher productivity, and greater employee engagement. The topics below are just a start. Ask about custom trainings and keynotes.

Grant Writing

In Partnership with AJS Consulting Group, InPursuit offers grant research and writing packages. 

One on One Consulting

InPursuit has worked with nonprofits all over the world for more than two decades. There is no challenge we cannot help your organization overcome. 

About InPursuit

The InPursuit Team holds more than two decades of experience as writers, editors, and facilitators.

For more than two decades, Dr. Hicks and the InPursuit team has traveled the globe studying and writing about human connection and the power of service. We use this unique lens to help you use your stories to amplify your messaging, writing or storytelling. Whether you need more impactful marketing messages, help overcoming writers block, or simply to deepen your connection with your audience, our 3E Method of Change© curriculum can be the creative game-changer you have been looking for.

What are you InPursuit of?

Melanie Hicks, PhD

At InPursuit, we don’t just talk about Impact. We DO impact. Since our founding in 2009 we have participated in more than 100 service projects in 35 cities and a dozen international locations. We have run or cycled more than 1000 miles in charity races and donated or raised more than $50,000.

Just a few of the ways we embody our mantra. Outcomes driven, Impact Focused.

As Featured In

A Journey of Growth and Service

Dive into Dr. Hicks’ expansive portfolio encapsulating her journey as an author, speaker, and social impact advocate. Browse through her diverse experiences and featured works, shedding light on her enduring quest to intertwine travel, service, and personal growth to spark meaningful change.

Melanie consistently gives her energy, knowledge, and compassion to any undertaking. She is an accomplished communicator, able to convey ideas and concepts through leading meetings, writing, and speaking. I would, without hesitation, recommend Melanie’s guidance and services.

Jamie Klingman

Strategist, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur

Melanie is a force of nature! She has been a coach, mentor, an advocate, and a friend. Above all, Melanie’s vast experience in both for and non-profit sectors, as well as her overwhelming passion and energy make her an invaluable consultant & coach.

Jon Dengler

Founder, Well Built City

I can’t say enough about how amazing and professional Melanie is! She is the leader you want driving your team to new heights. She is the coach that will set you up for success as you strive for new challenges and she is a model to help you grow as a professional.

Karinda Barrett

Vice President, MGT Consulting

Melanie brings a unique twist to the practice of self development that is intriguing. She captivated me and everyone in the room and kept me wanting more.

Thomas Waterman

Co-Founder, Purpose Pioneers

Having first met Melanie in 2016, I’ve watched her writing and influence multiply and flourish over the years. I am excited to support her consulting and professional development company InPursuit.

Jennifer Pastiloff

Author, On Being Human

Melanie is on the forefront of social good in business, empowerment leadership, and the important alignment between life and career.

Allen Clary

Author, Plan Your Start

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