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John Dengler
Founder, Well Built City

Melanie is a force of nature! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for about 4 years, during which she has been a coach, mentor, an advocate, and a friend. Above all, I am always impressed with Melanie’s ability to offer so much value and passion in so many different arenas. Her vast experience in both for and non-profit sectors, as well as her overwhelming passion and energy make her an invaluable consultant & coach. She is an inspiration and, of course, her general orderliness and industriousness is enviable. Melanie would be a true asset to any team and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Jamie Klingman
Strategist, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur

I have had the honor and pleasure of interacting with Melanie across multiple positions and projects. From a Leadership Tampa Bay Classmate to being the CEO I hired as Chair of a nonprofit, Melanie consistently gives her energy, knowledge, and compassion to any undertaking. Her continuous pursuit of knowledge has resulted in a wide range of experience with significant depth, which she brings to each endeavor. Melanie is an accomplished communicator, able to convey ideas and concepts through leading meetings, writing, and speaking. Currently, I serve on the Board of her organization InPursuit Research Institute. Under her guidance and leadership, the Institute is providing strategic guidance to organizations worldwide. I would, without hesitation, recommend Melanie’s guidance and services.

Karinda Barrett
Vice President, MGT Consulting

I can’t say enough about how amazing and professional Melanie is! She is the leader you want driving your team to new heights. She is the coach that will set you up for success as you strive for new challenges and she is a model to help you grow as a professional. Melanie is also incredibly creative. The environment she creates is open and encouraged understanding that leads to true consensus. I was really impressed and enjoyed watching people change their minds right before our eyes. Melanie sets the stage for professional development…literally. For one of our team retreats she brought in a comedian that strengthened our team through laughter and challenges. The retreat also celebrated our accomplishments and set us up for our next achievements. What a refreshing way to accomplish the work in an enjoyable environment!

Thomas Waterman
Co-Founder, Purpose Pioneers

Melanie brings a unique twist to the practice of self development that is intriguing. Her message opened my eyes to the idea that I don’t have to up end my life to finally live my dreams. In fact, huge transformation can happen with little changes. She captivated me and everyone in the room and kept me wanting more.

Jennifer Pastiloff
Author, Speaker, Coach

Having first met Melanie in 2016, I’ve watched her writing and influence multiply and flourish over the years. I am excited to support the launch of her executive coaching and her inaugural full-length manuscript. I know it will be a great inspiration for all of us.

Allen Clary
Founder & Author, Plan Your Start

Melanie is on the forefront of social good in business, empowerment leadership, and the important alignment between life and career.

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